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    A bathroom exhaust fan is an integral part of your bathroom.

    It keeps the bathroom free from unwanted odors and ventilates the bathroom space.

    Moreover, it helps reduce fumes from cleaning agents that might cause health-related concerns.

    Lastly, as it removes moist air and makes the bathroom dry, the accumulation of molds will not be a problem.

    But like an air duct or the dryer vent, the bath fan exhaust can also build up dirt and debris over time.

    If you are the property owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that the fan exhaust is clean and maintained well.

    When Should You Clean the Bath Fan Exhaust?

    When is the best time to clean the bath fan exhaust?

    That’s probably one of the most common inquiries among homeowners.

    Like the dryer or air duct cleaning, experts recommend a bath fan exhaust cleaning at least once a year.

    However, it is also best to clean the bathroom vent once you see extreme dirt buildup on the covering.

    You can clean and clear the debris on the fan exhaust with the right equipment.

    Also, you can call a professional duct cleaning service provider like Royal Queens Duct Clean.

    Steps in Bath Fan Exhaust Cleaning

    If you are confident that you can do a great job at cleaning your bathroom fan exhaust, you can follow these comprehensive steps:

    Step #1: Equip Cleaning Tools and Materials

    Before cleaning the bath fan exhaust, you need to prepare the necessary tools and cleaning equipment.

    You don’t have to worry since the things you need are usually available at home.

    Here are the tools and materials you should ready:

    • Can of compressed air – to blow off the dust or dirt from the exhaust
    • Screwdriver / Power drill – to remove the cover or motor from the housing.
    • Vacuum with brush attachment – to reach the hard-to-reach spot of the bath exhaust fan.
    • Soap, brush, and sponge – to remove any dirt buildup.
    • Damp cloth – to leave no dust behind.

    Step #2: Disconnect from the Power and Remove Cover

    For safety, turn off the fan using its dedicated switch or through the circuit breaker to be extra sure.

    Determine if you can see an LED light inside the vent.

    If there is no light, gently pull down the cover from the ceiling by pressing the wire clips connecting the cover and the fan.

    If there is an LED light, remove its wire first and proceed to press the wire clips.

    Step #3: Clean the Exhaust Cover

    Once you pull out the cover, use soap and water to clean it.

    You can use the sponge or brush to remove all the dirt buildup.

    Cleaning the exhaust cover is integral in bath fan exhaust cleaning since the dust buildup can restrict airflow.

    Step #4: Clean the Exhaust Fan Without Removing Motor

    Using the vacuum with a brush attachment and a can of compressed air, remove most of the dirt, debris, and dust.

    Make sure to brush gently to prevent unwanted damage to the fan exhaust.

    Remove the remaining dust on the fan and other parts with a damp cloth.

    Step #5: Disconnect the Motor for a Deep Bath Fan Exhaust Cleaning

    Unplug the connector of the fan exhaust and the motor.

    It is usually at the edge of the housing.

    Using the screwdriver or power drill, unscrew the fasteners holding the motor in the fan exhaust housing.

    Make sure to support the motor with your hand to avoid it from falling.

    Then, take the motor out and use the vacuum, brush, can of compressed air, and damp cloth to clean the motor.

    Step #6: Reinstall the Motor and the Cover

    Reinstall the motor and the screws using the screwdriver and power drill.

    Reconnect the motor to its designated connector at the fan exhaust.

    Then, put the cover by inserting it into the wire clips.

    Quick and Top-Rated Duct Cleaning Near You

    Cleaning the bath fan exhaust may not be easy for some people.

    One mistake, and you can probably damage the fan or the motor.

    So if you want a top-notch and fast bath fan exhaust cleaning, you can rely on Royal Queens Duct Clean.

    We have certified duct cleaners who conduct all kinds of duct cleaning – such as air duct, dryer vent, and fan exhaust.

    Give our team a call, and you will have no regrets.

    Royal Queens Duct Clean is at your service.

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