Weak Air Flow From Vents In House- What To Do?

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    Let’s just admit, we can’t live without our HVAC units.

    But what if the HVAC suddenly starts acting up?

    What if they don’t cool or warm the house as they should?

    What if there’s a weak air flow from vents in house?

    Do you go on with the duct cleaning process yourself or do you call in a professional?

    Whatever the case may be, we at, Queen’s Air Duct Cleaning are here to help you solve the issue without incurring high costs.

    Contact us today if you are looking for a professional company to help you fix the weak airflow.

    How To Check If  The Air Flow In The Vents Is Weak

    One obvious way to do this would be to check the vents directly.

    Place your hands over the opening of the vent to determine if the flow is of low pressure or not.

    However, in some cases, you could not access your air vents properly because of the complex technical systems.

    So how do you check the airflow then?

    Ideally, you should look out for some of the major signs of weak airflow from vents in the house.

    One major symptom includes irregular temperatures within your house.

    There may be spots in the house that are at a different temperature than what you set at the HVAC.

    To ascertain this, you will need to compare thermometer room temperatures with those on the thermostat of the AC.

    Just like irregular temperatures, there may be irregular pressure flow around your house.

    There could be areas of vacuum and areas of too much pressure.

    If the air pressure in certain areas of the house does not sit well with you, it is time to contact a professional.

    Weak Air Flow From Vents In The House-What To Do?

    There could be numerous causes for weak airflow from the AC vents.

    In most cases, you will need to identify the root cause and correct the anomaly to resolve the issue.

    There could be certain measures you can take yourself before hiring professional help.

    Fix The Technical Anomalies

    Find An HVAC Unit Of The Right Size

    It is very important that your HVAC unit is the right size.

    If you have newly installed an HVAC unit or replaced an existing one and you notice that the airflow is suddenly weak, maybe your HVAC unit is not the right size.

    If the unit is too big, it switches off and on quite a lot which can cause wear and tear to the equipment.

    For smaller units, they need to work harder due to which they consume greater power and can stop working efficiently.

    You may need to hire a professional to help you ascertain the right size for your HVAC unit.

    Check Your AC Thermostat’s Calibration

    At times your AC thermostat may be miscalibrated.

    Consider setting your temperatures at 25 degrees, but the house feels warmer.

    This could be because your thermostat was actually set to 30 degrees.

    You can correct this miscalibration by having the thermostat replaced.

    Do The Cleaning

    Clean The Air Filters

    The most obvious way that the air pressure in your vents will be reduced is if there is something blocking the free passage of air.

    What if we say that that obstacle is dust itself?

    Millions of tiny dust particles accumulate on the surface of the duct.

    These can hamper the passage of air because of which a set of air filters there in your vents.

    These air filters can become very clogged because of dust, thus they will restrict airflow.

    To get around this issue you would need to find a way to clean your air vents.

    You can also have the air filters replaced but that could be expensive.

    Clean The Air Ducts

    The air filters may have not done the job 100% correctly.

    Some of the measly dust and pollen particles may have still escaped into your air ducts.

    Or if you could have it much worse, there could be a bird seeking refuge in your AC ducts.

    The AC duct is what carries the air into your house.

    If it becomes clogged or has cracks in it then of course the air pressure would weaken.

    So what do you do?

    One thing would be to DIY the duct cleaning process or call in a professional to fix the pipes.

    You can also use duct tape to cover the cracks and provide transitory relief to the issue.

    The Bottom Line

     Queen’s Air Duct Cleaning is all equipped to help you clean your ducts and filters.

    As the best air duct cleaning company in Queens, with the best professionals, we provide superior services at affordable rates.

    Contact us today if you are experiencing weak air flow from vents in house.

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