How Often To Clean Dryer Vent

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    The dryer vent is something we conveniently ignore until it stops working.

    This metallic pipe that carries hot air from the laundry to the house’s exterior helps to dry your clean clothes.

    The dryer vent not just carries air along the pipe but also carries lint with it.

    This lint can clog up the dryer vent and create a host of problems.

    From fires to high electricity bills to inoperable dryer vents, the list goes on.

    As a result, it is very important to clean the dryer vent.

    If you are how often to clean dryer vent then this article is just for you.

    In the following text, we at Queen’s Air Duct Cleaning will tell you how important, regular vent cleaning and duct cleaning is.

    Why Cleaning Your Dryer Vent Regularly Is Important?

    It is extremely important to clean your dryer vents regularly for your own safety.

    An unclean dryer vent is quite hazardous as it can cause a fire inside your house.

    You may be wondering how this is so?

    An unclean dryer vent traps the lint from your clothes.

    Lint is an extremely flammable material.

    If given the right spark, it can convert into a full-blow fire.

    Thus, in order to keep yourself and your family safe, it is quite important to have regular dryer vent cleaning.

    Another reason why regular cleaning may be important is efficiency.

    Ofcourse, dryer vents use up energy and it shows up in your electricity bill.

    If the dryer vent is unclean, it obviously does a higher number of rounds and takes up energy.

    So if you want to save money consider cleaning the dryer vent.

    Also , when it comes to saving money it is often a better idea to clean the dryer vent than replace it altogether.

    How Often To Clean Your Dryer Vent?

    Most people wonder how often to clean dryer vent.

    Experts suggest regular cleaning of the dryer vent to keep you safe from hazards.

    However, in general cleaning the dryer vent once or twice a year is okay.

    In case you wash clothes regularly or have pets that shed fur, then you may need to do a higher number of cleaning cycles.

    This is because new clothes shed lint faster and also because animal fur can cause the dryer vent to block.

    Thus, in case you notice any of the falling signs of an unclean dryer vent, contact Queen’s Air Duct Cleaning immediately.

    Longer Drying Cycles

    If the dryer vent is unclean and full of debris, it will take a lot of drying cycles to do the same work at drying.

    Thus, if you notice that your clothes are taking longer to dry than usual or if they are still wet in the dryer, clean the vent immediately.

    Dryer Vent That Is Too Hot

    You can go around the dryer vent and check to see if it is too hot.

    A hot dryer vent means that the drying cycles by the vent are higher now.

    This is because of weak airflow in the vents as a result of them being clogged.

    It also implies that your dryer vent uses greater amounts of energy and thus you face higher bills.

    So to reduce your energy usage, invest in dryer vent cleaning at least twice annually.

    Musty Odor In The Laundry Room

    Normally, if the dryer vent is clogged, it could promote the growth of mildew and this gives off a musty odor.

    So if you notice an unpleasant smell in the vents or near them, it indicates that it is time to clean the dryer vent immediately.

    Accumulated Debris Everywhere

    You should occasionally check your dryer vents for any debris or particles.

    If there is debris in and around the vent then it surely suggests that you should clean the vent.

    You can search for the vent around the house’s exterior and use a flashlight to check for the debris.

    In case, you see that the duct appears clogged because of too much lint and debris, call the cleaners right away.

    The Bottom Line

    We cannot stress enough the importance of having clean dryer vents.

    They keep you safe and healthy and should always be on your annual agenda.

    You can do the job yourself or call in a professional cleaning service to help you out.

    If you are cleaning the dryer vent yourself, it could take a lot of time and energy.

    Therefore, outsourcing this task is a better option and one that should be left to experts.

    Contact  Queen’s Air Duct Cleaning to clean your dryer vents.

    We are the best air duct cleaning company in Queens that provides cleaning services at great rates.

    Reach out today, and will help you out.

    If you are still wondering how often to clean dryer vent, watch this video.

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